About us

In 2011, the Company had 35 full-time equivalent employees (high school and university educated in the field of land surveying and cartography, landscape water management, agriculture, agro-ecology, road construction).

Our flexible team is modernly equipped to perform comprehensive services in the industry and the company, inter alia, has:

  • privileges to perform the functions of officially authorized surveyors in accordance with § 13, paragraph 1, point. a) b) c) of the Act no. 200/1994 Coll.
  • authorization to the design of landscaping pursuant to § 18 paragraph 1 of the Act No. 139/2002 Coll.
  • authorization in the field of road construction
  • authorization in the field of water management structures and landscape engineering
  • authorization in the planning of territorial systems of ecological stability
  • insurance contract for the risks and losses caused by exercising activities with the sum insured worth tens of millions CZK.